Ways to raise a happy child

One thing every parent wants is to keep their children happy. After all, happy children bring so much joy and smiles. How do you raise happy children? Is it through toys, treats and taking them to fancy places? Or is it by spending lots of time together, bonding and sharing? Well, there are a few habits that I have adopted to not just keep my child happy, but to fill her heart with content that will lead to happiness. What are those? Here’s what I practice.

  • Gratitude: A sense of gratitude always comes with a sense of happiness and satisfaction. When you are thankful for the little things in life, you derive joy from the simple, and do not yearn for materialistic things to keep you happy. Every night, my child and I thank God for the simplest thing, for the food, for fresh, clean water, for the air, for the toys, a comfortable house and even for the footwear we have. It is important for children to learn that small things that make your life comfortable should not be taken for granted.
  • Praise for real accomplishments: I have seen a lot of parents showering praises for the simplest things their child does. Yes, in a parents eyes, every little thing our child does is pure magic, but we need to let them relish the praise that come after they have worked for something. By praising every single thing, we are not helping them understand the difference between love and real appreciation. The praise that your child works for is what brings real happiness.
  • Don’t try too hard: I understand that you want to keep your child happy, but if you spend too much active time worrying about it, you won’t achieve much. Children have very basic needs — food, play, kisses and hugs. As long as you ensure all these, you will have a happy child. It is rightly said that children need less of toys and more of the parents’ time. Don’t simply buy the toys for your child. Sit down and build a truck or a dinosaur with the blocks. Or do a puzzle together. Nothing makes your child more happier than parents who sit down and take an interest in them.
  • Pay attention: No matter how many parenting books you read and how many support groups you join, do understand that every child is different. You can understand what your child needs and likes only if you pay attention to your child. Every child’s grasping power and way of learning differs and as a parent, it is your responsibility to understand that and facilitate it. To keep a child happy, keep her occupied. And to keep her occupied, you need to keep her engaged in activities she enjoys.
  • Work on finding your peace: Ultimately, everything boils down to the same thing, how happy are you as a person. I understand, as adults it is not really possible for us to feel a range of emotions like stress, unhappiness, sadness. But as a parent you know that you have to put a happy face for your child. Also, you need to show your child that it is not always possible to be happy and you feel different emotions too. What is important is to find your inner peace and tell your child that no matter what, you are a happy person and happiness is a state of mind.

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