HeroCraft debuts its steampunk, fantasy puzzler The Tiny Bang Story

Some of you might have heard this, but HeroCraft recently released its popular PC and Mac game, The Tiny Bang Story, on Android. As a gorgeous blend of steampunk and fantasy, the game offers players over 30 brain teasers and requires that they solve riddles and puzzles.  Why?  Because that is how you are going to get this Utopian world back in order, duh.  If you grew up reading Highlights magazine and often found yourself jumping straight to the hidden pictures page, then this is the game for you.


Download The tiny Bang Story ($2.99) from Google Play


September 6th 2012, Kaliningrad, Russia – HeroCraft releases the beautiful and
serene hidden object game The Tiny Bang Story on Android devices, licensed by
developer Colibri Games.

HeroCraft are delighted to announce that the smash hit PC and Mac game The Tiny Bang
Story, which reached the Top 10 on casual gaming giants BigFish and Gamehouse, is
making its way to Android devices.

A tiny planet was hit by a meteor, and now exists only as small puzzle pieces scattered
throughout the universe. It’s down to the player to solve a number of riddles and get this
utopian world back up and running. There’s plenty of unusual puzzle elements in addition
to simple object hunting gameplay, all set across 5 distinct chapters.

To restore Tiny Planet to its former glory, the player must use their observational and
deductive powers to their maximum. Over 30 exciting brain teasers will keep players
guessing for plenty of game hours. With its stunning hand drawn backdrops, lack of time
pressure and lush soundtrack the Tiny Bang Story is a wonderfully serene experience.

HeroCraft debuts its steampunk, fantasy puzzler The Tiny Bang Story was written by the way cool dudes at AndroidGuys. Follow at Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube!

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15 Gadgets Recreated in Steampunk

Who wants beige gadgets or even ones emblazoned with a fruit like every other guy who works in “design”

Be creative and look at how these artistes recreated 15 of their favourite gadgets in Steampunk style!

1. Victorian Organ Command Desk

Victorian Organ Command Desk

Victorian Organ Command Desk2

Bruce Rosenbaum wasn’t content with a simple organ, or a modern work desk. Too traditional. Instead, he hacked together the salvaged pieces from Victorian organs, using them to house his personal computer system, leading to the somewhat intimidating contraption pictured above


2. Russian steampunk (“stimpank!”) mouse

Step 1 – salvage a cheap plastic computer mouse from the discount bin at your favourite store. Step 2 – give said mouse to Russian designers. Step 3 – marvel at your design team’s bizarre mix of brass and snazz. And then hate yourself when you realize you’ll never get your laptop through the airport again.

Steampunk Mouse [Modding.ru via MAKE]


3. Steampunk USB Flash Drive with Glowing Quartz Crystal

usb flash drive

For about $185 you can grab this ubercool USB drive off of Etsy. A real quartz crystal sits at the heart, and lights up when you transfer data to the stick. The casing is metal, brazed with silver. Sure beats any of the USB sticks you can get at Best Buy.


4. The Nagy Magical-Movable-Type Pixello-Dynamotronic Computational Engine


If your grandmother invented the PC, it would probably look something like this. The computer case was crafted from antique cabinetry, and the electronics are all cutting edge. Except for the makeshift “keyboard/typewriter”, of course, which is decidedly retro.


5. The Telecalculograph

the telecalculograph

the telecalculograph mouse

The Telecalculograph was originally intended to display moving images as dictated by the viewer. Alas, limitations on modern technology kept that from happening, so the creator settled for a cool looking computer/mouse combination. And yes, that Saw-looking mouse in the bottom picture does actually work.

Source / Source

6. USS Salem Steampunk Command Phone


The USS Salem (CA139) was the first boat of its kind to integrate an automated 8 inch gun system. Unwilling to let the ingenuity end there, this Steampunk-esque telephony system was installed. The Germans didn’t stand a chance.


7. Furnace Mouse 2

Furnace Mouse 2

While it would make for a killer practical joke, this mouse isn’t actually burning. Instead, little shards of windowpane are being illuminated by microswitches, giving off that “glowing” effect. A designer known as Unklian is to thank for this sliver of innovation.

Source / Source

8. Advanced Resonant Sound Transducer

advanced resonant sound transducer

… which is a really fancy way of saying “amplifier”. It has the Steampunk look to it, but alas, it isn’t steam powered. But that might actually be a good thing if you don’t want the huffy exhale of steam blotting out the best part of your guitar solo.


9. Victorian All-in-One PC

victorian all in one pc

The computer’s components are fairly new; 250 GB hard drive, Pentium CPU, etc. However, you’d be hard pressed to find a computer case like this one. The owner crafted it custom from aluminium, clear lacquer, cable anchors, black paint, pop-rivets, brass fittings and a train full of creativity.


10. Homemade Steampunk Secured Flash Drive

Homemade Steampunk Secured Flash Drive

Heaven knows how long it took Tarator (a Russian craftsman) to create this USB stick. First, he designed the device with AutoCAD. Next, the pieces were machined one at a time. Finally, he slowly assembled the device, making sure each piece fit snugly against the next.


11. Dialup Case Mod with Antique Net Phone


If yesterday and today had a love affair, this would be one of their bastard children. This is actually a working computer… but that computer happens to tie into an antique phone (also functional). The cool part; you can make calls with the phone using “soft phone” programs such as Skype and Google Talk!


12. Steampunk Slimline Mobile Phone


Don Pezzano is a self-described “urban scavenger” who gets his kicks from turning trash into treasures. Pezzano made this mobile phone out of door plates, timepieces and coins… metal detectors be damned. And at 6 inches long, you can (theoretically) fit this mobile phone into your pocket, though there’s no telling how comfortable that might be.


13. Steampunked Fork & Copper Canister Birdhouse

bird house

In an procedure that’d make Dr. Frankenstein proud, the creator hacked together napkin rings and saucers and camping stoves and copper tubing to build this bird house. Of course, he’d be smart to mount it in the shade lest he broil any potential inhabitants.


14. Steampunk Plasma Speaker


Conscious Flesh crafted this Steampunk-inspired speaker system to harness plasma discharges in order to create sound. How ionized gas can make sound is beyond me, but it has something to do with manipulating the heat of air to create sounds. Very cool, possibly genius and incredibly stylish.


15. Jewelry Box – Robot Dog Assemblage Sculpture

Jewelry Box

Will Wagenaar is convinced that cat burglars would never look in the belly of a brass dog. What better place could there be to store your valuables? He even went as far to install a pseudo-fur cushion inside, just in case you’re worried about breakage.


15 Household Technologies Recreated in Steampunk

A world without Gottlieb Daimler

For those not in the know, Steampunk is a brand of sci-fi built around a bizarre idea – what if steam power actually won? What if internal combustion didn’t render it obsolete?

1. Steam Powered Food Preparation Device

food preparating device

This is the Steampunk version of a microwave/oven, courtesy of Dr. Thaddeus Robertson. The premise might actually work: cook your food or heat your water by precisely controlled steam. I can’t imagine how you’d deal with “dry” items like cakes or pies, though.


2. Steampunk Toaster


Breakfast in a Steampunk universe would probably begin with something like this. Kudos goes to Joe Scherzi for repurposing the common toaster into something much more interesting and elegant.


3. Coffee Machine


High-end coffee machines have always sported a heaping spoonful of Steampunk style, posibly due to being built around miniature steam boilers. Planet Damage showcases this gleaming trio of Steampunk Coffee Machines from Elektra that have got everything a java-juiced steampunker needs polished stainless steel, copper & brass cases, organic curves and ornate details like Eagle finials that resemble the reverses of Civil War era American coins.


4. Advanced Herbal Matter Diffuser

Advanced Herbal Matter Diffuser

There is one area where reality meets Steampunk – coffee machine manufacturing. In particular, high end machines like those made by Elektra (pictured above) are decidedly Steampunk thanks to their steam boiler innards.


5. Steampunk Girl Genius Radio Theater Microphone


Jake von Slatt rummaged through local junkyards and made this – an ode to the Steampunk-heavy web comic known as Girl Genius. This particular microphone was used during SteamCon – an annual Steampunk convention – during a handful of theatrical Girl Genius skits.


6. Steampowerd Record Player


Spinning vinyl with a steam powered player sounds like a killer idea. That is, until you put needle to groove and realize just how ugly the hiss of steam makes any record sound. Makes for good eye candy, though.


7. The Steampunk Nixie Clock


There is no word on the price, but since only 10 of these Nixie clocks were made, you can bet it’s not cheap. It has an Armageddon-like vibe to it. Not sure I’d want one in my house, but might do some good in a church… or on death row.

Source / Source

8. 1913 Model Steampunk Fan

steampunk fan

You’re looking at the reincarnation of a fan from the 1930’s, brought back to life for those “steamy” summer days. Most of the parts are original, with the exceptions being the fan neck (repurposed from a garden sprayer, the motor (pulled from a sewing machine) and the base (cut from a piece of oak).


9. iRetrophone Dock

iretrophone dock


Scott Freeland has redefined the word “epic” with his latest creation, the iRetrophone dock. The dock is hand crafted, completely steam powered, and meant to charge your iPhone while letting you make calls via the throwback headset. The dock will set you back about $450 on Etsy, but it’s worth more than that in COOL factor alone.


10. Multiuse Metapen


metapen3If James Bond grew up with Steampunk, he’d definitely have one of these pen/knife/fork/lighter/USBstick/watch/lamp/screwdriver/toothbrush/shaving blade/nail clipper contraptions. All that’s missing is a button linked to a bomb and small calibre firearm.


11. Franck Buchwald Lamps



These lights (part of the Machine Light series) are made completely by hand, and they remind me of something I’d see in old pictures of Tesla’s laboratory. Steel, brass, copper wiring and TLC… nothing more. The result, as you can see, is textbook Steampunk design.


12. Victorian Clock


Believe it or not, this clock is as accurate as any quartz clock you can pick up at the store. Amahl Shukup is the genius behind its design, using bits and pieces commandeered from repair shops and wreck sites. It even includes a functional telegraph key and section from a Ford Model T!


13. Steampunk Light Airship Relic

light airship relic

Unseen in the picture, the color and pattern of the bulb alternates as the circuit runs through a collection of LED lights. The creator salvaged the parts from an airship graveyard. And if you look closely enough you might see the soul of a dead pilot flicker across the bulb.


14. Steampunk Terrarium

Steampunk terrarium

Inside blown-glass is a microcosmic representation of the Earth, presented in true Steampunk fashion. The individual pieces (cherry wood, copper, glass) add up to a whole that’s both beautiful and surreal. Plus, there’s a small LED light that casts “shadowy patterns” across the walls when the lights are out, further adding to the mystical feeling of this piece.


15. Steampunk Toilet


This toilet/urinal scares me a bit… who knows if the creator took the saying “blowing steam up your arse” literally. And it comes complete with cup holder, for those moments when the fluid in bladder just isn’t enough.


Bonus 1. Great Grandpa Larry Dyson’s Steampunk Vacuum

vacuum machine

Even though this is a Photoshop creation, I can actually picture it working. And no, before you run over to Wikipedia, this is not the vacuum Sir James Dyson created back in 1947. But it so could be.


Bonus 2: An Awesome Head to Toe Steampunked Home

Steampunk-Home-ModVic (6)Steampunk-Home-ModVic (19)

Steampunk-Home-ModVic (17)Steampunk-Home-ModVic (20)

Until you can match Bruce and Melanie Rosenbaum, you are not a real Steampunk aficionado. They don’t call what their company (ModVic Home Restoration) does Steampunk, of course; to them it is bringing Victorian craftsmanship into modern usability standards. The result, of course, is what you see above… doors, phones, stove, optometry glasses…. all dripping with Steampunk.

Source / Source