Commonwealth Bank’s new app brings contactless payments to Android

The Commonwealth Bank today announced a new app for Android, iOS and Windows Phone 8 devices. The new app incorporates features from its existing apps like Kaching and introduces Tap-to-pay mobile payment functionality across all iOS and Android devices. There’s also, appropriately, a concerted effort from CommBank to get the message out about security and […]

Commonwealth Bank ‘Kaching’ app updated, faster and slicker

If you’re a Commonwealth Bank of Australia customer then you’re going to want to have CommBank Kaching installed on your Android device for all your mobile banking needs. It was updated today and is now no longer just a mobile site wrapped in an Android app, instead it’s a full-blown native app that’s very slick [...]

Kaching for Android launches in Google Play store minus NFC functionality

The Commonwealth Bank has just tweeted that the Kaching application for Android phones is now available in the Google Play store, albeit minus the NFC Functionality that was hoped for, Andy Lark the chief marketing officer for the Commonwealth Bank cited lack of clarity from Google in regards to the reasoning behind not launching NFC [...]

Commonwealth Bank to start offering Kaching for Android soon

With no launch in sight for Google Wallet in Australia it looks as though NFC Payments with phones has been limited to iPhone users utilising the Kaching application and iCarte case add-on from the Commonwealth bank. Today the Commonwealth bank updated their blog with this juicy piece of info which indicates that an Android app could be coming soon :

On every blog I am going to talk Android, because I know you are hanging out for Kaching. As an FYI, I have 3 droid phones at home and my family are also hanging out for Kaching. My daughter…

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