Instagram 3.4 brings new ‘Mayair’ filter, enhanced Facebook options

instagram_android_alternative_androidguysInstagram has rolled out a new version (v3.4) of its Android app which introduces a new filter and support for sharing to Facebook Pages. Also, there is now support for up to 25 languages, something our international crowd will certainly appreciate. Last, but not least, the app has picked up some bug fixes and performance tweaks.

We know some of you have been upset by Instagram’s recent actions, some of which may be merited. Have you decided to “go back” this week or are you calling it quits?  Is the new stuff enough to sway you back? By the way, did you ever check out our Instagram alternatives and companion apps?

New features in Instagram 3.4

  • Instagram is now available in 25 languages!
  • New filter: Mayfair
  • Share your Instagram photos to Facebook Pages
  • Improved performance and bug fixes

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Instagram celebrates 50 million downloads on Google Play

Inkwell or Walden? Hefe or Valencia? Choosing that one perfect filter for a certain picture can become quite the dilemma for Instagram users. One thing that users won’t find to be a problem is finding and following friends and relatives, who all of a sudden add photography to their list of interests. The popular photo sharing service has nabbed 50 million downloads on Google Play.

When Instagram for Android was launched in early April this year, over one million people downloaded the app onto their device in a day. The road to 50 million downloads was reached in 197 days, which means that, on average, the app was downloaded 250,000 times per day.

The number of registered users – not just those on the Android circles – has also risen to over 100 million, a significant gain from the 30 million registered users reported in April.

Despite some put down and threat of a malware-ridden lookalike apps, Instagram, now owned by Facebook, is continually going up. Android users no doubt contribute to its ever-growing worldwide popularity.

Any avid Instagram users here? What do you think about the recent introduced features, such as Photo Maps and custom-designed filters? What would you like to see being added to the Android app?

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Instagram privacy bug fixed, many users wary of app

Yesterday when we brought you news on Instagram’s newest version, we had no idea what was about to break open. At the time of this writing, Instagram has successfully repaired a serious privacy glitch with the service.

Instagram says the issue has been resolved, but in the wake of all this, it makes users wonder how serious they are about their privacy policy?

“[...]private users’ images, even when geotagged, are hidden from the public.”

Specifically, the new Photo Map feature allows approved followers to browse pictures by location. Unwarily, it was allowing Android users to view private photos without being approved. The bug meant only Android users could view, but all users using Photo Map were exposed. In iOS, unapproved users are not allowed to browse the Photo Map; the hitch is you have to adjust your privacy settings to ‘on’.

The rub is this: if you are a private user on any platform, we strongly suggest you check your privacy settings on both platforms. In addition, it would be wise to check the fix. If you get the “empty globe” and a request to try again, the problem is null and void.  Just be aware, this affected users on both apps, since photos from the iOS app can still be seen on an Android device.

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Facebook’s Instagram releases updated version 3.0

Today, everyone’s favorite micro-photoblogging utility (social network, perhaps?) got an upgrade. The newest version, Instagram 3.0, is chock full of features already, but this one focuses on improving the browsing experience, specifically.

We’ve introduced a new and unique way to browse your photos and others’ photos on a map, which means you’re no longer constrained to browsing through page after page of photos… all the screens in our app to be more visually consistent and polished. You’ll notice new layouts throughout the app that feel fresh, yet familiar. Our engineers have also been hard at work making sure that the browsing experience is as fast as possible. ..introduced infinite scrolling in feeds so that you can quickly see more photos while browsing around the app.

Moreover, Instagram has updated its social media connectivity. The company says uploading will offer new options and the ability to toggle to post to different to popular social media sites is now open. Finally, Android and iOS versions have both been updated so nobody will feel left out.  If you haven’t already, check out Instagram below!

Instagram For Android

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Instagram Android app gets updated, brings ability to share likes to Facebook and more

Instagram pushed a new update to its Android application which is currently available at the Play Store. You can now share your likes to Facebook and search for users and tags in the Explorer tab. The “likes” sharing feature is optional and can be enabled by going to Profile > Settings > Sharing settings > Facebook. They also included a fix for an issue with loading more comments. If you want to grab the refreshed app, hit the links below.

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Play Store Link

Instagram for Android gets updated with new Tilt-Shift effect

If you have Instagram for Android, you might want to check the Google Play store for an update. Today, the folks at Instagram updated the popular photo-sharing app with a new feature and a bug fix for Samsung GT-S5830C devices.

The new feature introduced in this update is the Tilt-Shift effect which gives your images depth of field and realistic blur. To add the new effect to your photos, simply use the new droplet icon when editing your photos. The two options within the Tilt-Shift effect blurs the top and bottom portions of the image, or the entire image with the exception of a small porting in the center.

For Samsung GT-S5830C device (which is the Galaxy Ace), the update addresses a filter screen issue that some people were experiencing.

So, if you’re an Instagram user, make sure that you head over to the Google Play store and download the update today. We’re sure that you’ll enjoy the new Tilt-Shift effect!

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Play Store Link

Instagram for Android gets updated, adds support for Galaxy Y and fixes bugs

The Instagram app for Android received an update today. The update, which is now live in the Google Play store, is a minor update that makes the app compatible with the Samsung Galaxy Y and also fixes some bugs that affected users running Android 2.2 Froyo.

So, if you’re an Instagram user with a device running Froyo, or currently rock the Samsung Galaxy Y, head over to the Google Play store and download Instagram.

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Google Play Store link

Instagram for Android updated (again), now supporting the HTC One X

instagram android

Only eight days have passed since Instagram for Android has been made available for download on Google Play, but so much has happened over this week. The Android app has already been downloaded more than five million times and two updates have made their way to the Play Store. Oh, and I almost forgot - Facebook will pay one billion dollars to acquire Instagram.

I don’t know about you, but I’d call that a pretty darn good week. And even though some might rest on their laurels after such a wild ride, enjoy the success, and pop a different champagne bottle every half an hour, the people behind Instagram’s success are once again showing us they are in this business to get things done.

The third Android update (that’s right, three in eight days) has gone live last night, and, apparently, it brings several bug fixes, as well as specific support for HTC’s new flagship smartphone, the One X. The 4.7-incher from HTC is yet to be released in the United States, but has already hit several important European markets, being considered by most technology enthusiasts out there the star Android smartphone of the moment.

However, due to the fact that HTC’s device is powered by Nvidia’s new quad-core Tegra 3 chip, and for a couple of other technical details that I’m not going to detail right now, the One X couldn’t run the Instagram app, which made for a few disgruntled HTC customers.

That should all be solved by now, though, as the 1.0.4 version of Instagram for Android is offering better support for Nvidia Tegra 3 smartphones and tablets in general, as well as specific support for the HTC One X. The latest Instagram update should also fix some bugs reported by users over the last few days, especially on Android Honeycomb tablets. Finally, the photo geotag location (Instagram fanatics surely know what I’m talking about) should now be updated more often on Android.

You can check out the improved app on Google Play right now, especially if you are one of the few lucky early HTC One X adopters, but don’t forget to hit us back with a comment and let us know your opinion on this latest update! Oh, right, if by any chance you don’t know what Instagram is all about, check out our review here, where you can find all the details you could need about the app! Enjoy!

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Instagram for Android gets downloaded 5 million times in just 6 days

6 days after it was released for Android, Instagram has now reached the 5 million download mark. The milestone comes just a day after Facebook announced that it was purchasing Instagram for $1 billion!

Since its release on Android, Instagram has seen nothing but great success. The app was downloaded over 1 million times in the 24 hours after its launch and people were signing up at a rate of 2000 new accounts per minute.

With over 5 million downloads in 6 days, Instagram becomes one of the most successful Android launches of all time. It took the app 6 months to reach 5 million users on iOS, on Android, less than a week!

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