Google announces Gmail and Calendar data downloads

Google has announced a new feature for Gmail and Calendar. In fact, they have announced the same feature for both services — the ability to download your data. This option could be good if you are thinking of changing to a new service, however it should also be nice for those who simply want to keep a backup.


According to details coming from Google, all users will be able to download the Calendar data beginning today. As for the Gmail data, that support is expected to rollout over the next month. While we wait for Gmail download support, this can be found on your Google Accounts page. Just head to Accounts and then look for the “download your data” option in the left side menu.

From here look for the blue “create an archive” button and once that has been clicked, you will have the option to choose which services you want included in the data download archive. While Calendar is new and Gmail is coming, these two are really just adding to a growing list. Some of the others are Hangouts, Google+ Circles, Stream or +1s, YouTube, Drive, Voice, Contacts and more.

The complete archive will come down as a zip file and the specifics will otherwise vary by service. For example, the Calendar data will be iCalendar. And once available, the Gmail data will be in the MBOX format. The good news here, users will be able to customize what they want included for Calendar and Gmail.

On the Calendar side that means selecting all or just specific calendars. Similarly, on the Gmail side that means getting all of your email or just messages from certain labels. That said, while many seem to trust Google, it also doesn’t hurt to have your important data stored in another location, just in case the worst happens.

SOURCE: Official Gmail Blog

Google Play Store 4.4 download is available

If you’re into side-loading apps, and interested in the new Play Store, this one is for you. Android Police have mirrored the Play Store 4.4 release, and have it available for download. As the story unfolds, not much is known yet, but this is fresh news so we expect to see more as the days go by.


As noted previously, we’ll get the gesture-based menu navigation. Rather than a drop-down, the new Play Store will get the slide-out navigation we see with so many other Google apps like GMail. A welcome change, and it brings the Play Store closer to center in regard to design guidelines.

The newest Play Store also features a lot of the Newsstand language we’ve heard about, as well as the new icon for Newsstand. While this service is not yet available, we look for it to launch on the 24th, when Google is holding their Play Store event in New York City.

Again, it’s all very new and not technically official, but worth a shot if you’re comfortable doing so. Android Police has made it available via a mirror download, so grab it while you can!

Carrier Battle: Fight for coverage becomes race for speed


Mobile carriers’ commercials used to feature big bright maps showing how many regions were covered by that carrier’s cell towers. Cheesy spokesmen would show the maps side by side, making it easy to see that their respective company covered the most area in the country. Verizon was the clear winner of that battle, but as time went on, there was only so much room to improve, and the fight is almost evening out. It’s almost over.

However, the carriers have something new to argue over. Who’s network is the fastest?

Expect T-Mobile to be making that case very soon. The company is about to kill global data roaming rates in over 100 countries, and it’s currently seeing speeds between 6Mbps and 20Mbps on its LTE network.

This information led CEO John Legere to tell the media at a recent NYC event that its network is currently faster than AT&T’s. But is it the fastest?

In an interview with AllThingsD, Legere said, ”I’m not announcing we’re the fastest,” Legere said.  “I’m announcing we will be announcing that.”

Expect it to come soon, as T-Mobile will try to make a huge push for holiday sales. Showing potential customers that it’s time to switch is only step one.

Source: FierceWireless

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Google Play Store version 4.0 available now [Download]

The all-new redesigned and improved Google Play Store version 4.0 for Android that we’ve been seeing leaks of the past few weeks is finally official. This morning Google confirmed the new design themselves, and now we have what you all want. And that is the new Play Store available for download. Check out what’s new below, then hit the download link.

Screen Shot 2013-04-09 at 9.49.21 AM

We first saw the redesigned Google Play Store about 2 weeks ago in a leaked file and a few screenshots, but since then they’ve polished everything up and we’re excited to be getting a brand new Play Store design. This is the first major overhaul since July of last year along with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, so a change was just about due.

As we detailed earlier today the all-new Play Store 4.0 is all about a focusing on a simplistic and elegant design. Everything is cleaner, crisp, and polished. Google‘s focused on bigger images everywhere, card style layouts similar to Google Now, and of course recommendations. It’s all about grouping similar content and suggestions together. All at a faster speed than ever before.

The update is for Android 2.2 and above devices and should arrive over the next few weeks. However, we have the file available for you below in all its glory. The process is fairly simple. Just download the latest version linked to below and install right over the previous Play Store. That’s it! Then enjoy this elegant new design and let us know what you think. We’ll update when we find what’s new.

Play Store v4.0 download
Mirror link (Thanks Android Police)

Tumblr for Android updated with new Holo-inspired user-interface

tumblr update
Many social networks are notorious for having ridiculously awful mobile apps. The apps are often painfully slow and buggy and as you can imagine, it really impacts the user experience negatively. Today for Tumblr users on Android, the level of user satisfaction has just been knocked up a few notches, thanks to the release of a new version of Tumblr for Android on the Google Play store.

The latest edition of Tumblr for Android, which currently sits at version number 3.3, is available for all users with Android 2.2 or later. It comes with a completely redesigned and Holo-inspired user-interface with fancy new post animations and popping images. And as with previous versions of the same app, it will allow users to do all sorts of things that in the past could only be done through the Web-based dashboard on the Tumblr web site.

Some of Tumblr for Android’s highlight features include the ability to post anything, including photos, videos, quotes, chats, links, and text, as well as the option to save drafts, customize tweets, queue posts, and more. Tumblr for Android also lets users add a “create a post” widget that can be accessed directly on the home screen, plus it can be used to manage multiple blogs quite easily.

To find out what other neat stuff the new Tumblr for Android has to offer, then go on to the Google Play store and download a copy to see for yourself. It can be downloaded for free.

Microsoft Lync 2013 for Android now available for download

Lync 2013
When Microsoft Lync for Android was first released back in 2011, it was still stuck in the 2010 era of user-interface design. As you can imagine, it looks severely outdated now when compared with Microsoft’s other mobile applications. Fortunately, a much needed updated has finally been released by Microsoft. Today, Android users can finally download Lync 2013.

Lync 2013 for Android still works the same way as the original. Users are required to have a Lync account before using it, and some of its features might need an update to Lync server in order to work. If everything is in place, Lync 2013 will allow users to take advantage of quick and easy Exchange collaboration on the go.

According to the official Lync 2013 Google Play page, its key features include the following:

  • View colleagues’ availability in real time and select the best way to communicate – initiating an instant message (IM), email, voice or video call.
  • Connect to Lync Meetings with a single touch, without requiring long numeric passcodes or conference numbers.
  • Forward or simultaneously ring calls to your Enterprise Voice (Lync ID) number so you’ll never miss a call.
  • Lync 2013 for Android provides transport layer security (TLS) and perimeter/internal network protection without requiring a VPN, so your communications experience is safer no matter where you are or what network you use.

To download Lync 2013 and start using it on your very own Android devices, then simply go on to the Google Play link posted as a source below.

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BIG Launcher now available at 50% off on Google Play with Easter discount

BIG Launcher for Android
Although Google has gone to great lengths to make sure that the Android operating system is as user-friendly as possible, there are still those who find it incomplete, its overall usability level insufficient, and its general appearance needing improvement. So what is an eager Android user to do? Why, turn to the market and download any number of third-party launchers like BIG Launcher, of course.

BIG Launcher is one of the most noteworthy launchers available for download through Google Play. It is noteworthy because unlike many other launchers out there, it’s about more than just flash and the superficial. In short, it’s actually useful, letting all kinds of users from children to seniors make the most of their devices by making them much more suitable for regular use.

A lot of work was put into BIG Launcher to ensure that it really delivers on its promise of a better launcher for Android. It normally costs $10 on Google Play, but today, it can be purchased at 50% off as part of the BIG Launcher Easter sale. So if you have ever wanted to buy an excellent third-party launcher for your Android device, there has never been a better time than now.

BIG Launcher holds a number of great features. It is meant for the visually impaired and technically challenged, as well as those who have motor problems or are classified as legally blind. If you want to find out more about BIG Launcher, and perhaps purchase a copy for yourself, then make your way to Google Play via the source link below.

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Google Play Sound Search finally launches in UK for the musically impaired

Google Sound Search
Google Sound Search, as a feature, has been available for quite some time now. In fact, it has been out in the wild for nearly one whole year; and it launched for Android ICS users in the US some time before the end of last year. The thing is, it just hasn’t worked at all for Android users who want to take advantage of it in the UK. Until now, that is.

Today, after many months of waiting, those who held out for Google Play Sound Search to work in the UK finally have a reason to celebrate. Google Play Sound Search is now available to help users in the UK easily identify songs in a matter of seconds, directly from a device’s home screen. This should make it a lot easier to get acquainted with new music at pretty much any time of the day.

Google Play Sound Search also lets users purchase identified songs straight through Google Play, and afterwards, keep a record of any and all such songs for later access on any compatible Android devices. If you have a device that runs on Android 4.0 ICS or later, then check out Google Play Sound Search by downloading it from Google Play. You may do so via the source link posted down below.

Update: it appears that not all users in the UK can use the new feature just yet. If that’s the case for you, check back a bit later.

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Action Launcher Pro version 1.5 for Android adds easy access to widgets

Action Launcher PRO
Have you ever wanted to easily access the widgets on your smartphone’s home screen without having to go through the trouble of actually touching the widgets yourself? No? Well, you will be able to do just that anyway, thanks to the latest version of Action Launcher PRO for Android.

Action Launcher PRO for Android is now on version 1.5, and according to the official release notes, it comes with a number of new useful features. The updated software now fully supports 10-inch tablets (including the addition of a dock), works in landscape mode by default for certain devices, allows hiding of text labels for items on the home screen, and boasts a brand new feature that might change the way you interact with your device’s home screen forever.

The newest Action Launcher PRO feature is called “Shutters” and its primary function is to let users access widgets through simple swipes performed on a regular launch icon. Now, instead of actually interacting with the widgets directly, they can be accessed through their standard launch icons and will only appear after users swipe a certain way. This will certainly help save space on the home screen and might just help users find more creative ways to fiddle with their phones and tablets.

The app is already out and available for download on Google Play, and you’ll be able to find it on the source link below. If you’d like to learn more about the most recent changes to Action Launcher PRO, then feel free to watch this embedded YouTube video.

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