Microsoft Office for Android is now finally free

There is one point of Android that constantly received criticism and that is the lack of actually adequate office software for smartphones and tablets, especially products which are free. That being said, the waiting for something good to come along has just ended: Microsoft Office, the global desktop standard for word processing is now available for free for all Android and iOS users.

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Moto G vs Galaxy S3: Generation smackdown of trailblazers in mobility

The Galaxy S3 was the flagship of Samsung in 2012 and revolutionized the smartphone market at the time. Many users still haven’t parted with their device and refuse to exchange it for a new one. On the other hand, manufacturers are constantly creating new gems in the mobility scene, one of which being the Moto G, a mid-range smartphone, that thanks to its excellent price/performance ratio, has revolutionized the market in its own way. Currently the Moto G costs 199.99 USD which is about 50 to 90 USD dollars cheaper than the Samsung legend. Check out our comparison.

moto g galaxy s3
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How to broadcast (bcc) a WhatsApp message and what it means

When living abroad or in a different city than your family and friends, it sometimes gets hard to keep in touch. Nowadays most people are using WhatsApp (though this may have decreased due to several pesky reasons) which makes it a lot easier to get in touch. Even aunts, uncles, grandmas and grandpas are catching on. A great way to save time yet still give others updates or just share some news, is to broadcast a message to various people within a broadcast list.  This is just like the bcc function (blind carbon copy) in email. The best part is that each person won’t know that the message is also sent to others.

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How to fix 10 Moto G problems: the solutions that work

The Moto G is a great smartphone and packs a big punch for a very reasonable price. But like all electronics, sometimes there are some issues that pop up in different scenarios. Today, we’ve compiled the top ten most common errors for this mid-range Motorola smartphone and present some solutions.

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HTC president claims Samsung Galaxy S5 is “just a cheap piece of plastic”


While HTC certainly does make some nice phones, Samsung‘s sales have always been higher than HTC’s. Because of the fact that both companies have new flagship devices launching at almost the same time, there is quite a bit of competition between them, which is perhaps why HTC president Jason Mackenzie wasn’t too reserved about his opinions on Samsung’s new flagship, the Galaxy S5.

Mackenzie critiqued Samsung, saying that they don’t invest in customers, but instead invest in advertising. This is a common critique of the company. He then went on to say that Samsung’s device was made out of cheap plastic, and that HTC is aiming for customers who “want the best”.

Source: Business Insider

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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 KitKat update now rolling out

Some of you have been wondering about the official KitKat update for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 but the update is now rolling out on the AT&T network in the United States. AT&T officially announced on Wednesday afternoon that the Android 4.4.2 KitKat update is finally ready and is rolling out starting Wednesday. It will be rolling out over the air.

galaxy note3 mintgreen
Galaxy Note 3 is getting KitKat / © GSMArena

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[Updated] Disney announces a new TCG called Star Wars: Assault Team

Disney has announced over Twitter that they are currently working on a new game called Star Wars: Assault Team. Judging from the lone screenshot and the few details about this game released, it looks like it will be another TCG title that will be released onto all mobile platforms including Android.

Update March 27:2014 9:02am PST: This game is now available on Google Play. We've added the appropriate links below.

Following the announcement on Twitter, Disney put out a press release with a few additional details about this game but it doesn't expand too greatly on it. It will be a turn-based game, like most TCG titles, and there will be an early limited access test period for Star Wars: Assault Team starting up shortly as well.

As the press release states about the game:

Collect classic characters from the Rebel Alliance and more to defeat enemies and players across the galaxy.  Strategically deploy the team’s special tactics to battle through new graphically enhanced missions set throughout Star Wars™planets and locations from the original trilogy.

That is about all we know so far. It doesn't sounds like it will be straying too far from the standard TCG style of gameplay and it will most likely be free with IAPs for booster packs of cards. That's our guess though. When more information is released, we will post an update.

Website Referenced: Disney

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While Animal Crossing may never see a mobile game, there could be companion apps on the way

We don't need to rehash Nintendo's standpoint about bringing any of their games to mobile devices other than their own. Everyone knows their stance on this by now. The same goes for a lot of titles made by third party developers who call Nintendo their home and this includes Animal Crossing's creator Katsuya Eguchi. However Katsuya does have some interest in the mobile field.

While the main game Animal Crossing will keep its home on Nintendo, Katsuya does have interest in possibly leveraging mobile platforms to bring some extra experiences to the Animal Crossing world. There are a couple of reasons as to why Animal Crossing will stay with Nintendo. First there are many that spend a huge amount of time meticulously organizing their towns, down to the location of each and every flower. He also feels that the 3DS' inputs lend themselves to that style of gameplay better than the existing options on smartphones.

While the inevitable argument could be made that a lot of mobile gamers use controllers, it sounds like there isn't enough to warrant a game like Animal Crossing on mobile. That doesn't mean Katsuya isn't interested in mobile at all. In his interview he offered hypothetical examples of apps that would allow players to create clothing, serve as reminders of appointments made to hang out with the villagers in their town.

As to whether or not any of this will actually happen, we will just have to wait and see.

Website Referenced: Joystiq

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Classic game Wonder Momo: Typhoon Booster now available for Nvidia’s Shield

Originally released in 1987 Wonder Momo: Typhoon Booster was a pretty popular game, even founding a webcomic that has been out almost since its release. Even though this is a classic game, it is now being re-released by Namco Bandai for Nvidia Shield owners today.

In this game you'll take control of Momoko, a schoolgirl turned power suit hero, you fight to save the world from the evil forces of the Waru. You'll be traveling to different locations, fighting off the Waru, saving your friends and loved ones, and eventually the world.

This is a side-scrolling action brawler type of game that was really popular back in the day. It is sort of a lot art now though with the types of games getting released on any platform. You can play as the schoolgirl until you need to transform into the power suit hero. Collect enough energy and you an unleash her wonder hoop attack as well.

While the game was developer and tested only for the Nvidia Shield, it should be available for any Tegra 4 devices. There is, however, no garuantee that it will work on anything except the Nvidia Shield. Definitely keep that in mind before purchasing this game as it will cost you $14.99. You can read the webcomic here if you're interested.

Tegra Zone: Wonder Momo: Typhoon Booster

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[Updated] DotEmu announces release date for Little Big Adventure, coming to Android on March 27th

DotEmu's newest game announcement is for a rather cool game a lot of people have played already back in the day called Little Big Adventure. Along with the announcement of this game heading to Android soon, DotEmu also gave us a specific release date to look forward to and a trailer to keep us tied over till the game's release.

Update March 27th, 2014 8:05am PST: Little Big Adventure is now available on Google Play. We've added the appropriate links below. The Amazon Appstore release is also coming soon.

For those of you not familiar with Little Big Adventure, this is an adventure RPG title that was originally released in 1994 and was instantly a cult hit. You will be playing as Twinsen, a young soon-to-be-hero living on Citadel Island in a world ruled by the dictator Dr. FunFrock. Due to the strange dreams you're having about your planet and it being destroyed, Dr. FunFrock  locks you away in an insane asylum.

Your goal is to escape your imprisonment, learn about your destiny (you're a special person) and save the world. All the original content will be in this mobile version but this time around you'll have mobile optimized controls to use. This release marks the 20th anniversary of Little Big Adventure (how time flies!) and will be arriving onto both Google Play and Amazon's AppStore on March 27th, 2014.

No word on pricing as of yet. Enjoy the trailer below!

Official Website: DotEmu

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